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CB Defense notifies you about chargebacks before they happen,
alllowing you to reduce the costs associated with fraudulent transactions.
There are no setup fees and you only pay for the chargebacks we prevent.
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  We Reduce Chargebacks - Guaranteed!
Our Gurantee
Strivtech, Inc guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with the solutions we provide or they are free! That's right, we're so sure that you will see results all our products that we are willing to bet the cost of our solutions on it. And with free setup and no contracts, what do you have to lose? Increase your bottom line and take control of your processing by becoming one of our clients today! e
  You know the scenario all too well. A customer feels that you billed them fraudulently for a purchase they conveniently don't remember making (despite concrete proof to the contrary) and instead of simply calling your customer service center for a refund, they call the card issuer directly and the transaction is charged back to you at great cost and frustration. If only there was a way for the credit card issuer to alert you to the chargeback before it happens. Well now there is a way. Introducing CB Defense, a revolutionary new product which allows you to stop chargebacks dead in their tracks. Sound interesting? Read More >  
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CB Defense Chargeback Prevention Service
  Our flagship product! By partnering with the top credit card issuers, CB Defense alerts you to chargebacks before they happen. Our clients are seeing a 30% reduction in chargebacks on average. Read More >  
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